My Approach

Humans are part of nature. We are comforted by its natural scale, forms and order. All of us hold a much deeper connection to natural elements than any man made environment. A holistic incorporation of these elements is crucial for successful buildings. We need to shelter with nature not just from it.

Living environments are very much about the senses. That is what makes design and architectural vocabulary difficult. Our responses to spaces are sensual. Much of the outcomes are psychological. Nature offers the built environment an abundance of opportunities, innovations and possibilities.

The absence of a connection with nature provides a false sense of order and comfort, it creates a void that leaves us longing. This longing fosters unfulfilling consumerism with the inhabitants. Builders often address it with more space, more of the same functions or expensive finishes.

This philosophical approach has allowed me to design homes and buildings that provide, expressive, vibrant, emotional and optimistic environments, which resonate with and inspire their occupants.


Greg Cormier
An Architectural Technologist & Building Designer started his career in 1983 designing houses on his own until 1987, when he worked with a local Architect firm. In 1988 he continued his practice part time until 1998 at which time Greg became deeply involved with the profession and has had an ongoing, evolving thesis on the connection of nature with the built environment. Over the past few years Greg’s work has been recognized by History Architect, John Leroux in the History of New Brunswick Architecture, CBC news, as well as numerous local and provincial media. Most gratifying for Greg is the many accolades received by dozens of satisfied clients, clients who continue to experience the numerous benefits of a designed environment connected to nature.

Greg’ s Quotes;

  • Shelter with Nature – Not just from it.
  • Our built environment has plenty of stagnation, formality, neutrality, conservatism. It’s time for vibrancy, optimism, expression, inspiration, nature. . .
  • A business building is your integrity, your brochure and needs to 1st follow three principals; – Attention – Impression – Invitation.
  • “Never judge a book by its cover” . . . is a slogan not adopted by Society.
  • Imagination can take you further than traditional Logic.