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Welcome to the Cocagne Business Improvement District initiative. Your comments, suggestions and participations are of great value. Please e-mail us your comments your questions.
Kindest regards
Greg Cormier

Goals & Objectives

  • Enhance existing business volume & growth
  • Provide opportunities for new business growth & Development
  • Increase community safety
  • Enhance community, pride, co-operation & environmental sensitivity
  • Improvement community social & environmental activities.Means
  • Undertake a “Centreville” beautification Plan
  • Provide a walking & bicycling connection with scenic rest areas between the communities business touristic & social areas.

Create community marketing, promotion & networking opportunities.Results
The visible & physical creation of a inviting small town with a strong business & social environment, full of coastal & touristic activities in a scenic, environmentally and user friendly atmosphere.

Opportunities for the business community to market and promote the area as a group with cost effective marketing.

Enhanced community pride, co-operation and loyalty.

Effective use of government infrastructure investments.

#1 Steering committee 4 – 5 leaders to;
A  Develop preliminary to final improvement plans & initiatives
B  Create & participate with the “Input participants”
C  Secure consultant administrator & government funding
D  Develop & implement action plan

Input Participants
All Business leaders + Community leaders, +2 Government liaison leaders
A  Provide input into the improvement plans
B  Garner additional business, community & government support
C  Participate in Town Hall meetings
D  Participate in the action plan

Update May 12-11
After some short delays the initiative is on track and proceeding with very strong support. Membership is now over 30 with another 20 members committed.

Recent activities;
Presentation with Sustainable Development Group & 2 Local Service District representativesMeeting with two Kent Planning Commission plannersMeeting with Agriculture Canada.

May 10th Board meeting update
Considered community feedback & suggestions Agreed on developing fundamentals of;

  • Incorporate natural elements in all aspects
  • The use of local & natural materials as possible
  • Incorporating, environmental education, in viewing areas.
  • Defining parking areas for increased traffic
  • Use of Photo Voltaic lighting
  • Considerations of new services, Tourist centre, bicycle rentals, Ice Scream retail. . .
  • Attractive details related to the Promenade.
  • Expansion to Lovers lane Beach area

Update – Feb. 8th ’11
To date the project has been delayed with DOTAfter several months of disregarding our file we managed to have it moved on to Fredericton.Staff in this office have been far morerespectful. DOTs collaboration is imperative in defining our perimeters so that plans can be further developed with the knowledge that they are appropriate. We are hopeful of a meeting with engineering by March 6st’12. We have also collaborated with the NB Trail association and together hope to obtain a meeting with the Minister for DOT regarding the difficulties in obtaining any service from DOT staff regarding health & safety.

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